Photo of Josh Pullen

Hi! I'm Josh Pullen.

I love education
and technology.

Things I Made

  • Rocket Spelling
    Online spelling practice for elementary students.
  • Lessons on
    I was hired as an intern to create online math lessons. Working with the team was a ton of fun, and I'm really proud of what we made.
  • Leopard
    Leopard is a tool that converts Scratch projects into JavaScript code. If you're looking to learn JavaScript, this could be the tool for you.

Work in Progress

Old Stuff I Made

  • Online Math League Website
    I was hired to create the new Online Math League website.
  • Third Grade Math Games and Fourth Grade Math Games
    A pair of websites with a collection of math games made for 3rd and 4th grade students.
  • A summer coding camp and after-school coding club
    Nothing beats teaching people face-to-face. It's so fun to watch kids' faces light up when they get something to work.