Photo of Josh Pullen

Hi! I'm Josh Pullen.

I love education
and technology.

Things I've Made

  • Rocket Spelling
    Online spelling practice for elementary students.
  • Lessons on
    I was hired as an intern to create online math lessons. Working with the team was a ton of fun, and I'm really proud of what we made.
  • Leopard
    Leopard is a tool that converts Scratch projects into JavaScript code. If you're looking to learn JavaScript, this could be the tool for you.
  • Teaching Tools
    This one is still a work in progress. It's a random collection of utilities that teachers may find useful.
  • Online Math League Website
    I was hired to create the new Online Math League website.
  • Third Grade Math Games and Fourth Grade Math Games
    A pair of websites with a collection of math games made for 3rd and 4th grade students.
  • A summer coding camp and after-school coding club
    Nothing beats teaching people face-to-face. It's so fun to watch kids' faces light up when they get something to work.

Math and Code

Math and code are two of the most powerful tools in human history. Used effectively, they are virtually indistinguishable from magic. But, powerful as they are, they can be difficult to put to good use. I see two ways to solve this: better tools and better education.

I would love to build better, more accessible math and programming tools. Leopard is one such attempt.

But, although tool-building is lots of fun, I am not 100% sure that my time is best spent there. It might be the case that teaching is where I am most useful. There are lots of useful math and programming tools already available that just need a champion to spread the word.

Perhaps my most useful role is sharing the good news about what's possible in this world, and helping people level up their skills.

For now, I'm just trying to find my place. As we all are, I suppose...